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Pest Inspection And Control Experts in Chester, VA

Pest Inspection And Control Experts in Chester, VA

Get Rid of Pests for Good

At Antipest Termite & Pest Control we know there is nothing more unnerving than waking up to scratching noises coming from behind the drywall. When rodents and insects infest your house, the result is not only disgusting but unhealthy and dangerous. Our team of pest inspection and control experts in Chester, VA, will find the source of your problem, and exterminate the pests so they can't bother you anymore. We offer our services to both residential customers and commercial businesses.

Assessment & Extermination

Call us if you need to find an exterminator because you've found ants in your sugar bowl, rat pellets in your cabinets, or mold growing on your walls. Antipest Termite & Pest Control is here to help. On our first visit to your home or business, we'll give you a free termite inspection. Termites are one of the most harmful pests that can live in your home and can cause serious damage to the foundation if not taken care of. Bedbugs are a nuisance that spread throughout neighborhoods but can be easily handled by our bedbug treatments. When you hire our team of pest inspection and control experts, we'll carefully check every inch of your structure to find where these pests are living and entering from. Once we make our assessment, we'll use the appropriate traps and sprays to eliminate the threat. Our quarterly service will ensure that your location is pest-free no matter what the season. Call us if your home or business has issues with:

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Pest Prevention

Once our pest inspection and control experts have eliminated the current threat, there is still another step in the process. Now that your home or building is free of these pests, you want to make sure it stays that way. Our company will provide a protective barrier on the outside walls of your structure, as well as the inner corners and seams. Contact us to assist with any bug, rodents or other pest control issues.

Mold Inspections in Chester, VA

The Antipest Termite & Pest Control team can also help you manage moisture and mold problems. We'll clean the affected areas to remove any current mold, and will help you keep the area dry using desiccants and dehumidifiers.