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Find An Exterminator in Chester, VA

Trying to Find an Exterminator in Chester, VA?

Read the testimonials for Antipest Termite & Pest Control, and you will see you won’t need to look any further when you are trying to find an exterminator in Chester, VA. It doesn’t matter if you have ants, cockroaches, bedbugs, rats, or other pests, we will help you take your home back!

"Flea infestation killed! We were going crazy with fleas and Mr. Wilburn knocked em out! So grateful!"
- Shane P.

"Great service comes quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend they do a great job."
- Ceal D.

"Awesome quick service, professional exterminator. We love Scott! Friendly, fast service every time. Scott is reliable and has handled everything from recurring, pesky ants (we don't see them anymore) to an underground bees nest that spun out of control quickly...Scott to the rescue. Couldn't meet a more friendly, upbeat exterminator with a can do attitude. This is the guy to use!!"
- Christy F.

"Best Pest Control, Hands Down, The BEST. I looked up Scott in the yellow pages 9 years ago. I called him because he was the first one in the A section that answered my call on a Saturday. He has been treating my house ever since. I even moved to Tidewater for three years in the middle if that nine years, I didn't trust anyone to give my house the ten year treatment for termites but him, so he came out to Tidewater to treat my house for termites and kept coming out (as a favor because I don't think anyone else will do as good as him) for my regular semiannual treatments. HE STANDS BY HIS WORK. He will keep coming until the little nasty things are gone. HE IS HONEST. He never oversells or tries to rip you off. I trust him to come when I'm not home. I refer all my friends to him and use him at home and my office. You can't get better than Scott and Antipest with your pest control."
- Davis G.